Originally from  the North West of England, Matthew trained in Amsterdam and Berlin, and now lives between the UK and Holland. Professional highlights include playing supporting role in feature film White Rabbit 16mm due to be released spring 2018. He has recently been cast in a production of The Fountainhead which will be performed in The Netherlands National Theatre in collaboration with Ivo Van Hove's team (TGA) in January 2018. He has also recently played a lead role in short film "Potluck" (dir. Niki Kalhan) which has been nominated for the 12th London Asian Film Festival in the "short film" category.

"Matthew brings to his craft a keenness for complex and comprehensive characterisation, as well as a tireless commitment to personal improvement as well as collaboration."
Derek Mitchell (Creative Director  Max Bell Theatre Co.) Amsterdam, Jan. 2015



Age: 34

Playing age: 24-34

Height: 5ft 9

Eyes: Green/Brown 

Hair: Dark Brown Curly 

Accents:Cockney, English-Standard, Lancashire (native), Liverpool, London, Manchester, Yorkshire


FILM / STAGE / TV WORK:                   


STAGE -  The Fountainhead, ITie, dir, Theodora Voutsa, in collaboration with TGA 

Support Role - Peter Keating


FILM - White Rabbit 16mm - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6543526/

Supporting role - Little Ted


FILM - MIRROR WAR - Filmcollectief Kokosnoten, Isabelle Hauschildt

Lead role - David


STAGE - Seafroth - Anthony Nestel, Anthony Nestel

Lead role - Capo




STAGE - Theadora Voutsa Productions,  iTie International Theatre In English 

Main Guard



Cyber security guy


FILM (Short) - Potluck Films, Manchester School of Art  (In post production)

Lead - Harry


FILM (Short) CGI - The Visual Institute (In post production)

Lead - Connor  



STAGEThe InPlayers Group production of The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh


Several Amsterdam venues


STAGE - for Dans Spel Filmensemble Meli Kuhn  

Ensemble member  

Amsterdam Fringe Festival


FILM (Short + Multimedia Installation)
Performance for live and film installation for Anthony Nestel De Ateliers (The Ganda Massacre)


FILM Installation
Performance for film installation by artist Miloushka Bokma (Cycles)


FILM (Short + Multimedia Installation) for Riley Harmon production (A method for blue logic)

Supporting role 


FILM (Short) for Dans Spel Filmensemble Meli Kuhn  

Ensemble member        


FILM (Short + Multimedia Concert) for classical musician Cinzia Nistico’s - "The Generator"

Leading role


TV (Pilot)  Crime Drama by The Drost Imaginarium -  “Off The Record” 

Supporting role


STAGE The InPlayers Group production of Harold Pinters “Mountain Language” 

Supporting role 

Luxembourg FEATS festival & Amsterdam Free Fringe Festival



STAGE The Max Bell International Theatre Company production of The GypsyBird Speaks

Leading role

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - C Venue Main


STAGE -  The InPlayers Group production of Death in the Living

Supporting role



STAGE The InPlayers Group production of Alcestis Revisted

Leading role



FILM (Short) Cinestud film festival (3 day short film project) Screened at Kriterion

Leading role


TV Presenter for online travel show Pocket Vacations



The Actors Temple London

Foundation course 2015


Steven Ditmyer London & Amsterdam

Meisner intensive workshops 

2014 - ongoing


Mulholland Academy (Amsterdam) 

Meisner & Lecoq technique

Jan 2014


Directors Sessions by Theodora Voutsa

2015 - 4 week course


SITI Group

Suzuki Method and Viewpoints  (Paris)

Short Course 


Actors-Space Course with Wolfgang Wimmer (Berlin)


Short Course


Orange Tea Theatre Group

Introduction to Brecht, Meyerhold and Meisner

Short Course





Specialised in english literature (including classic and contemporary plays), psychology and media, BA Hons (2:1) at Coventry University.